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It's become a bit of an in-joke where in the early episodes of the podcast, Kam would often throw in the fact that he's been in the industry for over 30 years!


To be fair though he has and during that time he worked tirelessly for a number of different commercial photography studios mainly in the London area to learn the trade. He also trained as a wedding photographer spending three years training alongside an established professional before shooting on his own. Kam now runs his own business; Abraxas Photography and Video, which has been established for over 25 years and specialises in commercial, industrial, advertising and weddings. His role now is to work on the business whilst training a younger generation to go out and do all the shooting! 

In amongst everything else Kam also completed a teaching degree many years ago and now also runs the Bedfordshire School of Photography.

There's no great secret to having sustained a successful career for so many years. The answer is quite simple in that it's sheer hard work, long hours and dedication.

The podcast is incredibly fortunate to have someone with Kam's years of experience and you have to be talented to have stayed in the business for so many years. 

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