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Are You a Photographer Looking For Regular Work and Income? Here’s How!

Sarah and Kam talk about one of the things freelance photograhers struggle to cope with and that's having a regular income with regular work. 

It was mentioned a few episodes ago that 80% of photography start-ups failed in the first year and the main reason for that is most likely photographers were not getting enough work. BUT we tell you how you CAN get regular work and be sure of a regular annual income!

To help us do this we are joined for this episode by Ian Hatch who is a Coach & Mentor supporting & advising the Photography Industry. He also runs MOFOTO a school/nursery photo social media group.

So if you're a photographer looking for regular work you don't want to miss this show!

If you'd like to contact Ian and/or join his social media groups here's the following links;

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