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Getting the best deals on gear get to know other photographers and shooting in sunlight

We all look for the best deals when buying camera gear, but where and how can you get the best prices. Is it safe to import from overseas or do you prefer the knowledge of a reputable UK dealer?

With so many different options available to buy it’s never been easier or more mind boggling to know you’re spending your money correctly.

Networking…it can be a bit of frightening word but whenever we think about networking we assume it’s with other industries where we network with the aim to get work. However, we’re talking about networking with other photographers. How well do you know other photographers, do have any one to help you in the case of an emergency your when you’re simply overloaded? Do you spend a lot of time on your own wondering what other photographers are doing fearful of the competition?

As working photographers, we chat through real situations that most photographers can relate to.

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