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Mental Health of Photographers, Photographer Causes a Marketing Stir & Best Laptops for Editing

The first part of this show is serious topic where we look at a 2022 report on the mental health of photographers. The report was compiled by Scott Wyden Kivowitz of ImagenAI where he explores in detail all the ways that being a photographer affects your mental health: the amount of work, business vs. family time, difficult clients, and more. And what’s essential – he also discusses why and how to seek help when you need it. This time of year can be a very quiet time for photographers so we look at the tasks everyone should carrying out in preparation for the new year. Is your laptop performing as it should be? We look at the best editing laptops currently on the market and how a social photographer's new marketing strategy has caused a bit of a stir. Loving the Podcast? Want More?

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