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Special Guest Colin Jones, Convention 2023 Get Your Free Tickets! Canon, Nikon & Sigma Latest

Friend of the show, Colin Jones from The Societies tells us all about the forthcoming Convention taking place in March in Hammersmith, London, the largest tradeshow of it’s kind in Europe with a huge attendance every year.

Get inspired, get great deals on gear, learn something new and meet like minded people….that’s what the show is all about, so pop it in your diaries and head on to London and be like Kam who spent over £5k in the first five minutes last year, but got an amazing deal!

We have a quick run through of some of the latest Canon, Nikon, Sony Cameras and lenses that have been launched and tell you where to get the best deal.

Lot’s to talk about as usual, so if you’re a professional photographer, part time amateur, hobbyist, student or just love all things photography come and join us for a chat.

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