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The Photography Bar is no more! Welcome to The Photography Crypt...In this Halloween special we have two sets of guests. To kick things off we talk with Hazel and Dean from Spectrum Paranormal where we talk about how photography, video and audio play important role in their paranormal investigations. We also couldn't resist talking about their various experiences and encounters in the paranormal world. 

Also on the show, we sit down and talk with horror portrait photographer Rick Jones of Horrify Me. We've been sharing some of Rick's work on our social media so make sure you go and take a look at the work he produces because it is terrifyingly awesome. We talk with Rick about his process, what got him into horror photography specifically and so much more. 

It wouldn't be a special edition of the show without Shutter Shout, except for the Halloween edition it has been reincarnated as SHUTTER SCREAM. Fine-tune your ears and see if you can guess the correct speeds.

You can take a look at Ricks work and Horrify Me via the following links:

Official Website:  Facebook: Twitter: @HorrifyMeUK

If you're curious about the afterlife and would like to see more of what Spectrum Paranormal get up to in their investigations then you can follow them on social media or by visiting on the official website via the following links:

Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Spectrum_1996

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Other credits: for our Shutter Scream sound effect

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