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The Photography Show & The Video Show Ends On A High!

It’s a wrap! The Photography Show and The Video Show held 17, 18 and 20 September at Birmingham’s NEC, brought together thousands of photography amateurs and pros alike to hear from a global range of speakers and try the latest kit from major brands.

The show, the largest of its kind in the UK and Europe, had a packed line-up of renowned speakers, 250 major brands, along with masterclasses, talks, live demos and we were there to see it all happen. The Super Stage programme began with internationally renowned creatives Chase Jarvis and Colin Prior. National Geographic photographer Cristina Mittermeier gave a sensational talk followed by You Tuber Jack Harries. Multi award-winning photographers Roberto Valenzuela, Christina Ebenezer and Kaylee Greer wrapped up the show on the final day.

Experts from across the 250+ brands at the show enjoyed the opportunity to meet face to face with customers.

So, grab a drink, sit back, turn on, tune in and have a listen to some of the visitors, find out what they’ve been buying, and we also chat with Nikon, Canon, Sony, other exhibitors and Super Stage Headliners.

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